Trinity College Scottish Country Dancing Group

For the forseable future Scottish country dancing will not be taking place at Trinity College.  On Thursday September 15 at 8:00 pm dancing resumed in a new location: Rosedale Presbyterian Church, located at 129 Mount Pleasant Road (at South Drive). Arlene Koteff is our teacher.  Dancing concluded for 2022 on Thursday, December 1.  It will resume on Thursday, January 12.

Parking is available on the street nearby.  The church is also a 10 minute walk from the Sherbourne subway on Bloor.

You don’t need to be Scottish. You don’t need a partner. Everyone is welcome.

Scottish Country Dancing is a modern form of the `country dancing’ popular in England and Scotland in the 18th century.  It involves groups of six to ten people — a `set’ — dancing to the driving strains of reels, jigs and strathspeys played on the fiddle, accordion, flute, piano, drums, etc.  At Trinity, dances are briefed and walked through slowly before the music starts.

To find out more see this page on the Strathspey Server.

Website last updated on December 3, 2022

Annual Seasonal Photo – Thursday December 1, 2022

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